How to Set Up Frontend Event Registrations in AllEvents

AllEvents allows to register event participants in two ways:

  • Via the back end. Site administrators create the registrations via the AllEvents Registrations menu
  • Via the front end. Users can register themselves from the event's page.

Enable registrations in the specific events.

In backend :

  1. Open your Event
  2. Open the Registratiosn tab and set Allow registrations on Yes

  1. Click Save & Close

Tweak the component's Access Control List

  1. Open the Configuration view for AllEvents
  2. Click on the Permissions tab

  1. Click the Guest tab
  2. Select Allowed setting for the Enrolment allowed action

  1. Click Save

Permissions allowed are :

  • Enrolment allowed: The user can register for an event in front

  • Enrolment automatically validated: Enrolment (Registration) validated without a moderator approval

  • Registrations visible in front: The user can see all registrations in front

Now visit the event's page. You should see the Register blue button displayed underneath the event details.