Add a new event through Joomla front-end

Stage 1: Add a menu item in the back-end called "Create New Event"

  1. Login to Joomla back-end;
  2. Navigate to menu to add new menu item - found under menu tab
  3. Click "New"
  4. Add a Menu Title / "Create New Event" or whatever is appropriate
  5. Click on "Select"
  6. Select "Submit Event"
  7. Set the parameters (see the Submit Event parameters page)
  8. Click Save and Close when done
  9. For this menu item to display you must set the menu to display in a position in your template via Extension/Module Manager and be set to display on selected pages

Stage 2: Adding a event through the front-end

  1. Go to the front-end
  2. Click on your newly created menu item
  3. This will open a new event form in the front-end
  4. Fill out the form as required and click save at the top

To display a list of events in the front-end

Follow stage 1 to create a menu item but instead of selecting "Create Event" select one of the event listing options available (see the List of Events parameters page) Click on the menu item in the front-end to display a list of events.