How to Create Menu Items in AllEvents

In many cases, it's practical to create more than one AllEvents menu item, each with different sets of events being displayed.

Some examples include:

  • Different menu items linking directly to different AllEvents views (Monthly View, Map View, etc...)
  • Different menu items displaying events from different calendars
  • Different menu items displaying events from different venues
  • Seperate menu item to display a users personal calendar (i.e. with only their private events)
  • Seperate menu item for creating new events

To create a menu item for your main menu:

  1. In the Joomla administrative back end, go to Menus >> Main Menu >> Add New Menu Item
  2. You will see "Menus: New Item" administrative page. Click Select and Click on your desired menu type:

  1. Set your AllEvents parameters
  2. Give your menu item an appropriate title. Specify any appropriate options (Parent Item, Ordering, Status, etc) in the parameters column to the right
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.