Manage Scheduled Import

You don't want to login every day to import your events, so a crontab can do this job for you. What does the cron do? Execute an import like you could do yourself.

We have to create 5 crontabs:

  • Once Hourly: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.hourlyCron
  • Once Month: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.monthlyCron
  • Once Weekly: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.weeklyCron
  • Once Daily: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.dailyCron
  • Twice Daily: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.twicedailyCron

Even if you run the script too often, a check is made in order to respect the periodicity interval.

We assume you know how to set up a crontab on your server, otherwise you have to ask your host how to do this or read their documentation how to set up crontabs.

CRONTAB SECURITY: As the crontab system is being called by an URL we have to proctect the crontab by a password. In the configuration you are able to set a password for your crontabs so they cannot be accessed by a user, bot or anything else without knowing the key/password.

Once you have set the password, you have to change the URI's to the crontab:

  • Once Hourly: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.hourlyCron&key=[mykey]
  • Once Month: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.monthlyCron&key=[mykey]
  • Once Weekly: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.weeklyCron&key=[mykey]
  • Once Daily: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.dailyCron&key=[mykey]
  • Twice Daily: https://my_web_site?option=com_aemagnet&task=cron.twicedailyCron&key=[mykey]