Search - AllEvents

Allows Searching of events in AllEvents with search in Event title, description and in Calendar, Category, Place, Public, Resource, Section titles

Table of Contents

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Configure the plugin
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Install the plugin

  1. Download the extension to your local machine as a zip file package.
  2. From the backend of your Joomla site (administration) select Extensions >> Manager, then Click the Browse button and select the extension package on your local machine. Then click the Upload & Install button to install module.
  3. Go to Extensions >> Plugin, find and click on Search - AllEvents. Then enable it.

If you have problems installing or updating the extension, please try the manual installation process as described here:

Configure the plugin

There are many options for you to customize your extension :


Option Description Type Value
Section By default, the search on the site will use 'AllEvents Events' as the name of the section in the search form. If you want to use another term, you can change it by filling in this field. text
Search Limit Sets the maximum number of results to return. text (default:50)
Link target Target browser window when the event's link is clicked. list Open in parent window, Open in new window
Search Published Include published items in the search. radio Yes, No(default:1)
Search Archived Include archived items in the search. radio Yes, No
Include Past Events If past event should be included into the search result. radio Yes, No(default:1)

Frequently Asked Questions

My events are not appearing in your search results Ensure the Search - AllEvents plugin is enabled in the backend Joomla plugin manager.