Getting Help

Although we have done our best to cover as much as possible here in the documentation, it is inevitable that there will be questions about AllEvents that we have not answered. We want to be as accessible as possible, so we have several methods to get help directly from the users:


We use the forum solution platform to provide a simple way to get your AllEvents questions answered quickly.


We highly recommend you follow us on Twitter as it provides a real-time way for us to reach out to our followers and let them know about news and events related to AllEvents development.

AllEvents website

We have plans to share articles, tutorials and hints on how to get the most out of AllEvents on our website.

Bitbucket Issues

If you find a bug, have a general question or even want to contribute to the AllEvents project as a whole, you can use the AllEvents Bitbucket Issues tracker. We are very diligent about responding to issues posted here and it can provide a useful way to start a conversation with us. If you have a specific issue with one of our modules, plugins you can also submit an issue on that repository.