What are the minimum requirements?

AllEvents is native with Joomla 3. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements.

Minimum requirements to run AllEvents are the next ones:

  • Joomla! 3.8+
  • PHP 5.6+ or 7.0+
  • MySQL 5.5.3 +
  • GD library 2.x is mandatory to manage the pictures
  • You must check that MySQL, XML andt zlib features are activated in your PHP installation.
  • JQuery and Bootstrap 2.3.2 are mandatory.
  • CURL et fopen are mandatory to connect to your server and open files.
  • The json_encode () fonction is required to return the JSON représentation of a value.

We advice you:

  • Joomla! 3.8
  • PHP 7.0+
  • MySQL 5.6.28
  • GD 2.x library
  • cURL, fopen, json_encode () et mbstring Extensions or fonctions.
  • We advice you to use a moder browser and up to date to administrate the component.

What Should I Do if My PHP Version is Below 5.6?

Copy-and-paste this text and send it to your hosting company:

I'm interested in running the Joomla web software and I was wondering if my account supported the following:

PHP 5.6 or greater

MySQL 5.5 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater

The mod_rewrite Apache module

HTTPS support