AllEvents enhances its linguistic features

To have a component in english language is mandatory for every Joomla developer. We often add our native language that provides two language packs. The community using your component proposes it naturally.

That happened for AllEvents translation for our Belgium friends.

AllEvents is an international project

AllEvents is an international project and its translations stayed up to now limited. Why didn't we up to now deployed more languages? Now as the development of new versions and improvements is in progress, we take advantage of this work to focus on the translation.

Thanks to a huge work performed by Franck Joris, we can now provide AllEvents in Dutch - French and Flemish.

Translators, we need you

You wish help to AllEvents translation in your language? Feel free to contact us thru the form the Livechat.

Thank you for your efforts

I truly thank all who daily participate to AllEvents improvement. It's also thanks to you that this componet is so evolved. It's alsso a proof that Joomla community est strong in this mindset. That makes the Joomla specificity.